Speaking to students has been my passion since I was in High School. My past, experience, and struggles give me a unique perspective to engage with students from all walks of life. I’ve had the privilege and honor to speak to thousands of students for over a decade. I’m available to speak to students in schools, assemblies, conferences, retreats, or whatever else you can design! With my new message, designed specifically for public schools, I encourage students to “Be the Best” in all areas of their lives. I help them discover ways to get past their past and begin to create a future that impacts the whole world.

I also love teaching in a Christian setting. I use Scripture-based sessions to bring Biblical truth and apply it to the lives of students in the 21st century. I have numerous topics that I’ve used before, but I’m also able to craft a series based on your specific needs. Just let me know!

Previous Speaking Topics Include:

Against the TIDE

  • Going against the world’s Truth, Ideals, Direction and Engagements


  • Using the life of Moses as an example, students learn that God is bigger than our History, Objections, Past, and He is calling us Everyday.

Faithful to Follow

  • The characteristics of King David – Selected, Strong, Sinner, Sold out, Servant, Steadfast – help students learn to rely on God.