Precision and Passion

Earlier today, I watched this video of a watch being made:

[tentblogger-youtube UwpP_s8LV_Y]

At first it seems dull, almost boring, watching those pieces being meticulously placed. However, after a minute or two, it almost seems comforting and even surreal that something made with such small and precise parts can even be assembled by hand. It got me thinking about all the skill and dedication that needs to be practiced by those employees. You can sit and stare as those small pieces every day without some passion that you are a part of an exquisite timepiece.

It made me think about how we have the opportunity every day to work on the smallest pieces of our passion. Even if we can’t see the finished product yet, we need to keep diligently plugging away with great precision so that our dream will soon be realized.

What will the final product of your passion look like and what are you doing today to put one more piece in the puzzle? Sound off in the comments!

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