Q: How much does it cost to have you speak for our event?

A: It depends on your event location and audience size. My standard fee includes every expense that I have so there are no hidden costs to you. All of my travel expenses – airfare, rental car, hotel and meals – are included so you know your exact cost before I ever arrive. Because of this, I can often offer discounts if travel arrangements are cheaper.

Q: What if your standard fee is too much for us to afford?

A: If it’s difficult to find my reasonable cost in your budget, there are a number of creative ways to help make it possible for me to share my life-changing message with your audience. Often times, there are community organizations that will offer assistance for programs that improve the lives of teenagers. Also, I have referral discounts if you have another school or organization in your area book me during my same trip.

Q: Do you have a sample of one of your sessions that I can listen to?

A: Unfortunately, not yet. I’m working on getting some sample videos put together and added to the website. If you’re really a glutton for punishment, I do have some audio recordings of old sermons (yes, sermons) I’ve preached to older and mixed congregations.