Daddy’s Got You

Yesterday, we took our family to Knoebels amusement park where my two oldest boys (ages 7 and 5) decided to ride the log flume. My 5-year-old was a little hesitant to ride so I told him I would come along. Immediately after we pushed away from the loading area, he said he didn’t want to ride anymore. Of course, by this point we were committed. He was filled with doubt, worry, fear. As he cried out to me, he told me that he was afraid and didn’t want to continue. I wrapped my arm around him and kept saying, “I’ve got you. Daddy’s got you.” I must have said those words 20-30 times through the ride.

“I’ve got you. You’re safe. Daddy’s got you.”

He wasn’t a fan of the flume.

He made it through (of course) and afterward mentioned that he might even like to try that again the next time we’re at the park.

I didn’t realize until this morning how powerful those words can be. Often, I find myself in a situation where I’m nervous, doubtful, scared. I don’t think I can handle it and I don’t know what to do. I can’t hop off this ride called life and I’m scared for what’s to come.

But then I’m reminded that my Father sits behind me. He wraps His arms around me and whispers gently,

“I’ve got you. Daddy’s got you.”

Maybe you’re facing a situation or decision that has you worried, anxious, or downright afraid. Maybe you’re walking into the unknown and all you can see is a giant drop-off into turbulent waters. Maybe you (like me) need a reminder that the strongest arm in all the universe is wrapped tightly around you. The voice that created the Heavens and Earth gently whispers in your ear,

“Daddy’s got you.”

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